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@jessicabellamusic We love our audience, and we love giving prizes to talented audience members! Join us on 4/19, have fun, and maybe win a cool prize too. See you at the show! #rock #music #party #fun #prizes #madewithfilmora ♬ original sound – Jessica Bella 🌺
@jessicabellamusic Introducing a new, amazing service for musicians and music lovers. Check out to shop and learn more. #music #musician #rock #blues #pop #new #tech #technology ♬ original sound – Jessica Bella 🌺
@jessicabellamusic #love ♬ original sound – Jessica Bella 🌺
@mop_records This is a teaser video to share a piece from Sachem's song called Movement One. Enjoy! #music #rock #metal #madewithfilmora #pittsburgh ♬ original sound – MOP Records

Jessica Bella Band performs "I Can Feel It" live in Pittsburgh, PA, USA – Thank you so much to the MMF team and the JBB team for an amazing night! #rock #rocknroll #party #partytime #madewithfilmora #pittsburgh #friends #reels #shorts

♬ original sound – MOP Records

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@mop_records In this video, Jessica Bella and Jim Skiff discuss an amazing story from Jim's life in the 1970s. Jim had a friend, Frankie, who was a professional prize fighter and was shot in the stomach during an argument with his manager. As a result, Frankie went into a coma. Jim was asked to come to the hospital to play music for Frankie. Incredibly, Jim's music was able to wake Frankie from the coma, and immediately after that moment, Jim made some important connections in the music business. #music #stories #friends #healing #coma #hospital #madewithfilmora #pittsburgh ♬ original sound – MOP Records